Project's activities

The core of the project is to gather key public procurement actors from cities, water utilities, regions, basin organisations, etc.:

  • to review the above-mentioned bottlenecks, and propose remedies
  • to list and analyse innovation-friendly procurement initiatives existing in Europe (water or other sectors) and in other OECD countries,
  •  to propose the routes and tools to better disseminate knowledge about potential innovations (including risk-assessment) to public bodies staff.
  • to launch a number of procurement pilots to validate and improve the synthesized procurement knowledge and assess the creative responses from the market.
  • to issue recommendations to EIP Water, EC and Member-States to eventually adapt the legal environment
  • to issue templates and guidance (How-to guides) to “the ecosystem of public procurement”, i.e. water managers, purchasing officers, bids evaluators, funding bodies, permits delivering authorities, and the consultants involved, to secure innovation-friendly tenders.
  • to link with the innovators, like the consultants, the suppliers of equipment or services, the utilities operators, the research community, etc.


WaterPiPP work packages are structured on an iterative process, starting from a preliminary strategy for boosting Innovation-Oriented Public Procurement (IOPP) transfer to the European water sector delivered by WP1, then completed by a process combining:

  • thematic and cross thematic reflection (WP2);
  • Involvement of key stakeholders of the innovation procurement chain (WP2);
  • Pilot test activities (WP4), supported by capacity building tools (WP3).


Each work package is assigned a WP-Leader, reflecting the partners’ expertise and maintaining a balance between partners, who:

  • Takes the technical control of and responsibility for the proper execution of the tasks related to their WP.
  • Organizes a detailed schedule of their WP, monitors the work in progress and identifies possible risks.
  • Appoints Task leaders, who are responsible for managing a Task and all work conducted by participants in this Task.
  • Reports to the Project Manager and the ExB on the progress and possible deviations from the work plan.
  • Chairs the meetings among the partners participating to their WP and communicate continuously with all partners involved in their WP.
  •  Ensures extensive exchange of knowledge and expertise between the different WP.