Management structure

 The management of the project will be the duty of office International de l’Eau, the project coordinator.

All decisions of importance are taken by an Executive Board (ExB), which gathers all contractors, with full voting rights (one partner, one voice); the representatives of each partner are from its top management.

The role of the ExB includes:

  •  approving strategic planning and direction of the project,
  •  approving the commitments and rights of the partners,
  •  reviewing and resolving any difficulties in the project,
  • building confidence and trusting between the participating organisations,
  •  ensuring that high standards of technical and administrative excellence are maintained throughout the activities of the project,
  •  reviewing progress against objectives and timetable to ensure successful delivery of the project outputs,
  • developing close links with the working environment of the project,
  • approving the project outputs before their official release.


The ExB will meet physically at least 4 times during the project (inception within the first month, one after 6 months, one at 18 months, and the later at the end of the project); the co-ordinator will develop an IT infrastructure allowing direct exchanges between ExB members, for exchanges of information, and the organisation of “virtual” meetings (shared web repository and web-conferencing facility).


OIEau, as the coordinator of the project, in charge of the day-to-day operation of the project, chairs the ExB. OIEau has designed a project manager, and provides the staff supporting the administration of the project, under the control and direction of this project manager.

The coordinator is responsible for:

  •  regular communication with the project partners,
  •  distribution of EC funds to the partners,
  •  regular communication with the EC Project Officer,
  •  preparation of periodic financial and administrative reports to the EC,
  • collation of project Audit certificates and their transmission to the EC,
  • organisation of the project meetings,
  •  preparation and maintenance of the Consortium Agreement,
  • preparation of the final project outputs,
  • establishment and maintain of the project web site, including knowledge management and open communications facilities.

The coordinator is also in charge of the quality policy definition (Quality Assurance Scheme) and the internal auditing of the project, and reports to the ExB.

 The Liaison Committee is composed of key actors of the procurement innovation chain. The leader of the LC is WssTP and all the members are invited to participate at different tasks such as:

  • the consensus workshop aiming at providing joint recommendations on PCP/PPI,
  • the identification of pilot cases,
  • raising awareness on IOPP towards a wider audience than Water PIPP networks,
  • participation to the WIPF.

A liaison strategy will be set to provide the main orientations of the committee and gather partners’ inputs for more details in terms of actions.

The launch of the Water Innovation Procurement Forum (WIPF) and the final conference will be occasions of issuing press releases at European level and in each country where a partner is installed; that will be good opportunities to promote the project and its outcomes (the strategy, the Forum, the call for pilot sites, the final outputs) in national journals targeted at water technicians and/or decision-makers in public bodies.