The main objective of the project is to mobilise the procurement power of public and private actors in order to speed up innovation and contribute to solve water related societal challenges and to improve the competitiveness of the European Water Industry in a global market.

This will be achieved by establishing a network of key stakeholders (a community of practices) for the promotion of Innovation Oriented Public Procurement (IOPP) at regional and local level, contributing to the implementation of the EIP Water and reducing the fragmentation of “public sector demand”.

The ambition of the project is to go beyond networking, addressing barriers to innovation in the water sector and building an operational collaborative platform where a critical mass of stakeholders (public authorities, public and private purchasers, water utilities, the RD&I community, networks of cities and regions) can explore and test innovation procurement methodologies.

The objective of the WaterPiPP project is also to develop analytical and operational tools to support both regulatory and contracting authorities to overcome current difficulties and to take the most of the opportunities offered by the new legislative framework, when it enters into force.

Strategic objectives of the project

  • Test the potential of innovation procurement to speed up innovation and market uptake of RD&I results.
  •  Help public authorities to use innovation when facing the challenge of the sustainable management of water resources.
  •  Explore potential synergies for the aggregation of public and private demand for innovative solutions in the water sector.

Specific Objectives

  • Defining the state of the art of innovative procurement practices and potential adaptation to the water sector, including the definition of a methodology.
    o       Milestone : To be disseminated on month 12.
  •  Creating a collaborative platform of stakeholders and procurers for mutual learning and debate mid to long term needs requiring RD&I of new technological solutions with potential role for PCP and PPI.
    o       Milestone : To be launched on month 12.
  • Performing a Collaborative Pilot Innovative Procurement Preparation phase (PCP and PPI).
    o       Milestone : To be launched on month 20.
  •  Helping groups of public authorities and relevant private procurers to progress in creating and collectively implement procurement strategies (Capacity Building and awareness raising on tools and testing phases of PCP and PPI).
    o       Milestone : To be disseminated after month 24.