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Water PiPP Final Conference

Empowering public procurement for innovation in the EU water sector
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9-10 November 2016
Zaragoza, Spain

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You're a representive of a public service body...
You're aiming towards innovative solutions whilst managing inherent risks....
If so, you will be interested in WaterPIPP!



Water PiPP: Boosting the market for innovative water solutions through public procurement

Innovative solutions require a change of thinking. To support this change, new tools, an open mind to working with existing tools in different ways and collaboration with peers are needed.

Water PiPP aims to assist public authorities by assessing a range of public innovation procurement methodologies for use in the water sector which work in line with the priority themes identified

in the Strategic Implementation Plan developed by the European Innovation Partnership on Water.

The Water PiPP partners are looking at ways to make innovative water solutions more accessible to public authorities through innovation and pre-commercial procurement and thereby accelerate broad market introduction.